Learn your numbers + drink coffee = rule the world

Tired of feeling lost in a sea of information... not sure what to do next?

Let's be honest.... taxes, bookkeeping, and all the numbers stuff is overwhelming, just on its own. Knowing that the IRS has a permanent seat at your table doesn't make the responsibility of owning a business any sweeter.

We totally get it and we're here to help.

We teach unseasoned business owners what to do and how to do it. 
We share what the IRS wants from you and where the red flags are.
Without judgement, we answer questions and clarify financial concepts.
We remove the stigma that you have to be a "numbers person" to do this stuff successfully. That's legit baloney... and we can prove it.

Just because you DIY your bookkeeping doesn't mean you have to go at it alone. If you're craving stability, confidence, and some good feels about your biz finances, join us!

Let's squash the dread, anxiety, and procrastination together!

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It was created for people just like you, who are doing their own bookkeeping but want some added support, training, and accountability. We know you worry about tax time. This club is designed to make tax time EASY!

Never done bookkeeping before? New to business? No problem. Get started the right way. With us!

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Ultimate Tax Deduction Guide

This easy-to-read guide clears all the confusion regarding your business tax deduction categories and what you can deduct.
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Wave Accounting Workshop

About Your Instructor

Melissa Whaley is a Licensed Tax Pro and California momma of 4. She works virtually with online business owners who light up over their work but freak out over their numbers. Melissa's knack for breaking down complicated concepts helps attribute to her God-given ability to teach. (Teaching is her favorite thing to do!) On a nice day, you'll find her in a coffee shop with friends, sipping a latte, or outside exploring nature with her family.

It's time to know your numbers.