Ultimate Tax Deduction Guide by Melissa Whaley

Rock Those Deductions

Are you feeling totally lost when it comes to sorting through your business expenses?

In this guide I break down every line of the tax form, (Schedule C) using lingo we all understand. So you can start categorizing your expenses and be ready to go when tax season rolls around.

Ultimate Tax Deduction Guide

This easy-to-read guide clears the confusion regarding your business tax deduction categories and what you can deduct. 

What's included?

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The Guide
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All About Tax Deductions
15 mins

What Other's Are Saying

 As a freelance designer/artist/photographer, my biggest frustration has always been tax time!!! And pretty much all things accounting/finance related… (besides actually making money, of course)! Melissa makes it easy to learn and go at a pace that is digestible. 
Dorey Kronick
After going through Melissa's training I ended up saving $300 on my taxes because of  deductions I hadn't thought of before.
Phoebe Bekate